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Listen: Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

Date June 6, 2012

Here at MFKWCRG, we usually try not to tell you something you already know, so let this post serve as reiteration: Grizzly Bear released a new song, and you need to listen to it. With the continued fracturing of any zeitgeist, “event” albums are becoming a rare thing, but there are a few bands (Arcade […]

Listen: Mates of State – Palomino

Date August 29, 2011

Mates of State, the endlessly adorable husband/wife indie pop duo from San Francisco have been one of our favorites from the beginning of this blog (they were the subject of one of my very first posts six years ago) and although their sound has evolved a lot since those early lo-fi days of  just organ, […]

Never Quite Free

Date March 29, 2011

When recommending The Mountain Goats to friends, you face the dilemma of choosing an introduction into their massive discography, which includes 18 full-length albums, as well as dozens of EPs, singles, and compilation appearances. With All Eternal’s Deck, John Darnielle has made as outstanding of a starting point as any to dive into the artist’s luxuriously bountiful catalogue. […]

Waiting For My Chance To Come

Date March 16, 2011

  In Matt’s review of Noah and the Whale’s First Days of Spring, he said that in the album’s most hopeful moments, the band sounds ready to move on from a devastating relationship and get back to some of the joy of their first record. Noah and the Whale’s debut album exuded a rarely seen […]

Suicide Demo for Kara Walker

Date January 24, 2011

Destroyer‘s Kaputt is the best album I’ve heard so far in 2011 and my favorite of Dan Bejar’s nine albums. Much has been said about the album’s vintage 80’s sound (referred to as soft-rock, smooth jazz, or “ambient disco” depending on who you’re talking to) but I find it amazing how Bejar has taken a […]

Track Review: Belle & Sebastian, of Montreal

Date September 7, 2010

MP3 Belle & Sebastian – Write About Love It’s been almost 15 years since Belle & Sebastian reinvented the indie pop scene and it looks like they have no intention of letting up any time soon. The unstoppable Scottish indie pop troupe returns this fall with a new collection of what’s sure to be some […]