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Video/MP3: Chappo “Come Home” in iTouch ad

Date September 1, 2010

Apple just got done announcing the new iPod Nanos, Shuffles, and Touches, iTunes 10 (with last.fm, uhh, i mean, Ping) and Apple TV(with Netflix streaming!). We also got a couple new iPod ads which are usually pretty good sources for new music (hey there Feist, Submarines, Chairlift ). You can watch the new iPod Touch ad above and download the accompanying song […]

iPad commercial / The Blue Van’s “There Goes My Love”

Date March 8, 2010

The first TV spot for Apple’s iPad premiered last night at the Oscars. I know a lot of people have already written this device off mainly due to it’s similarities to the iPhone / iPod Touch, but I’m still in the “interested” camp. I won’t be lining up for this device, but I’d certainly love […]

iPad has unfortunate name, good music taste

Date January 27, 2010

Perhaps one of the most anticipated devices of all time (rumors of an Apple tablet device first started circulating around 2003), the newly announced Apple iPad is certainly a game-changing, revolutionary device albeit one with an unfortunate name (iTampon jokes abound on twitter). Will it be the same magnitude of a cultural phenomenon that the […]

musicforants.com has been twitter-fied!

Date February 27, 2009

I’ve finally given in to the pressure and created a musicforants.com twitter account.  Social media is now dominating every part of my life.  Not like I was ever against twittering, but since I discovered that I can both feed my blog to my twitter and update it from my iPhone with picture-taking + GPS location […]

Blog’s Got A New Face

Date November 18, 2008

You might notice things look different here today. The old orange/blue layout has disappeared (or perhaps it’s just moved to a different time/dimension like the island on Lost) and now we have something a bit cleaner, more readable, easier on the eyes, etc. In addition to the aesthetic ch-ch-changes, both sidebars have shifted to the […]

Why all the “new facebook” hate?

Date September 11, 2008

Those of you who use Facebook have undoubtedly noticed some changes in the site layout lately.  It seems like quite a few people have gotten together to voice their hatred of the new layout.  A couple of groups have over a million members, and some people are threatening to migrate to Myspace if they don’t […]