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Suddenly Everything Has Changed

Date December 27, 2012

I started Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good on a whim back in 2005, based on a crazy idea to merge my love for the cult comedy Zoolander and my budding interest in indie rock music. At the time, I didn’t expect any more than a handful of people would care to read it, much […]

Feist @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/13)

Date July 19, 2012

While I’ve been a fan of Feist for years (my wife’s ringtone on my phone has forever been set as “Mushaboom”) this was my first chance to see her live. So while a good chunk of the crowd at Pitchfork Festival went to check out the so-hot-right-now, Purity Ring, I stayed at the main stage […]

Five Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Date May 22, 2012

Editor’s Note: Matt (on behalf of musicforants.com) contributed this post to Nerve.com’s Five Albums series this week. Check out his list / remarks below! Allo Darlin’ – Europe At first, Allo Darlin’ seem like any number of cloying indie-pop bands, good for a few spins until the next identical thing comes along to fill the […]

MP3: Suckers – Figure It Out

Date April 30, 2012

A lot of great albums have been coming out (or leaking) recently, so it took me a while to listen to Suckers latest LP, which is unfortunate, because Candy Salad is an extremely solid sophomore album for the whimsical Brooklyn group. The highlight for me is “Figure It Out” (named after this, I can only […]

Gaming the System: Soundsupply

Date April 16, 2012

Soundsupply Drop 2 from Soundsupply on Vimeo. We previously wrote about Soundsupply a few months ago, but with the release of the second bunch of albums we thought it was something worth revisiting in more detail. Over the past two years, the bundle model has become a viable distribution channel in the world of games. […]

Past, Present, Future: Spin Magazine

Date March 12, 2012

Music magazines, like most traditional journalism outlets, have struggled to find a footing in recent years. As we have seen on a larger scale with daily newspapers, established brands are trying to figure out their place in the conversation: Rolling Stone slimmed down and shifted their focus to encompass the overarching culture rather than just […]