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Moonrise Kingdom Trailer (w/ “Le Temps De L’amour”)

Date January 13, 2012

I’m not usually given to posting movie trailers, but for Wes Anderson, I’ll make an exception. The trailer for Moonrise Kingdom came out yesterday and it’s amazing. It definitely has the look and feel (and retro soundtrack) of a Wes Anderson film, with perhaps a bit more sepia-tone to match the 60’s time period (although […]

The Back-to-School Soundtrack

Date August 27, 2010

Above photo is from an awesome film called Brick School is starting back up in the next couple weeks and since we’re big on education here at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good, (I am married to a first grade teacher) I’ve made a back-to-school mix inspired by some of my favorite songs from […]

Songs For Dreamers (Inception Mix)

Date July 16, 2010

This upcoming weekend brings two of my most anticipated events of the summer, Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and the opening of Inception. It’s been exactly two years since Christopher Nolan’s last opus, The Dark Knight (I remember because that’s also the weekend I got married) and that is one of my favorites movies of […]

It’s One Time and It’s Now

Date January 22, 2010

I was pretty heavy into Lavender Diamond a few years ago. I’m sure if I booted up my old computer, the play count for their The Calvary of Light EP would be in the 20-30s. The child of Becky Stark, the band just had this energy I found infectious and impossible to resist. They got […]

I saw a film today, oh boy: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Date November 30, 2009

To go along with “Television Rules The Nation”, I’m now going to start doing some film reviews under the name “I saw a film today, oh boy”. Starting….. now. I’m a self-proclaimed Wes Anderson fanatic. When I first saw Rushmore in my mid-teens, it was a revelation for me and since then I’ve been fully […]

For John Hughes, a righteous dude.

Date August 7, 2009

As you have all heard, John Hughes, 80’s teen-film legend, died yesterday and for anyone who grew up watching his films it feels like a small part of our childhood is now missing. I was just entering the world during his prime years (’84-’86) but I still felt his impact. He was obviously highly influential […]