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Listen: Princess Music – “White Wave”

Date August 27, 2012

Despite what their name may imply, Princess Music are not a cover band specializing in Disney musicals and the Legend of Zelda soundtrack, but instead a budding new folk band from Denver, CO. The six-piece collective has a unique style that owes debt to baroque and classical music as well as modern folk virtuosos such […]

Cold Showers

Date August 13, 2012

Today, Pygmalion Music Festival announced its schedule and some updates to the line-up, which included a couple big adds with Lower Dens and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Among the lesser-known additions is Los Angeles band, Cold Showers who’ll be playing with Eternal Summers and Craft Spells on Saturday night (in what should be an amazing show). […]

Alt-J (∆)

Date July 31, 2012

If you follow any music websites, you’ve probably heard of Alt-J (∆), likely in the comments section from one of the band’s enthusiastic fans who sing their praises every chance they get. I covered their great “Breezeblocks” video over at Seen Your Video, but it wasn’t until recently that I heard the UK alt-pop band’s […]

Hundred Waters

Date April 26, 2012

On their self-titled debut album, Hundred Waters perform the rare feat of making songs that are both incredibly melodic and challenging. I’ve seen them described as “folktronica” a few times, but I think “experimental pop” is a better descriptor of band’s playful use of rippling synths, syncopated drums, inventive harmonies and electronic flourishes. “Me & Anodyne” and “Boreal” […]

Francisco The Man

Date April 4, 2012

Francisco The Man play a type of sunny, post-punk guitar rock that’s all been all but absent from the indie rock scene since the early/mid-2000’s when bands like French Kicks, Rogue Wave, Snowden and SOUND Team were all the rage. The Los Angeles-based band entered my radar through the guys at I Guess I’m Floating […]

Desert Stars

Date March 28, 2012

Desert Stars have delivered me something I haven’t heard in awhile—and it’s been a long time since I’ve discovered a band I can listen to so repeatedly. With catchy choruses that somehow never seem to get old, front woman Janelle Best’s deep vocals prove to be strikingly similar to Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, especially when […]