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My thoughts on Sufjan Stevens “Silver & Gold” Xmas EPs

Date November 13, 2012

As someone who unapologetically enjoys Christmas music (both religious and secular) and is a huge fan of Sufjan Stevens, I take his Christmas albums very seriously (I’ll point out that my second post on this blog was about Sufjan’s Christmas EPs). Every year around the holidays, I look forward to bringing out Songs For Christmas, […]

Don’t Curse Me: Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”

Date July 26, 2012

It is rare that a new artist fulfills their early promise. Often, an untested talent will falter under the expectations heaped upon them. We remark to ourselves that we knew they did not have what it takes, not realizing that we were part of the cause. Artists are then left with a choice: pack it […]


Date November 3, 2011

With the release of Florence + The Machine’s long-awaited sophomore album, it is now clearer than ever that Florence Welch is the real deal. The pure enormity of Ceremonials—in terms of both length and sound—is truly astounding. The catharsis-driven album has more of a distinct, cohesive theme than Lungs, but seems almost a little too […]

Radical Face – The Family Tree: The Roots

Date October 13, 2011

After listening to Radical Face‘s second full-length album a handful of times, I wrote down what I considered to be the best four songs. I then told a friend of mine, whose opinions on music I value greatly, to listen to the album. He wrote back to me a day later also noting what he considered […]

I Want That You Are Always Happy

Date June 17, 2011

After having listened to Australian indie folk band, The Middle East‘s EP, Recordings Of The Middle East over and over again for quite some time now, I was more than excited to hear that would be releasing their first full-length album. I immediately jumped at the chance to write a review of their newly released […]

Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting

Date May 18, 2011

Upon completion of their third album, Young Galaxy took the next logical step: The band sent the songs 3,500 miles away to be finished by a notoriously secretive producer. Young Galaxy waited for nine months while Dan Lissvik reshaped their songs and breathed chilly new life into them. The result is Shapeshifting, a lavish record […]