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Cars running, Guitars smashing

Date February 25, 2007

Yesterday was a good day. First off, I lucked out and scored three main floor seats for the Arcade Fire in Chicago (5/20 if you’re wondering) then saw their great performance on SNL. Dwight hosted the show, which was off-and-on but had some funny sketches (for some reason I laughed the hardest at the Peeping Tom one). Win/Regine and the gang made it into the Digital Short which was also enjoyable except for a pretty ridiculous ending.

The band played Intervention first which was pretty epic live and caused a big upstir over the slightly embarrassing guitar smashing incident. Was it too cliched? Did he do it because of all the broken strings? Why was there a latin proverb about eating nutritiously? Will people ever be able to just enjoy a performance without analyzing it to death? After a few more sketches and the memorable line “because Kevin Federline is first and foremost a scientist”, Arcade Fire played Keep the Car Running which was a fantastic choice. They really knocked it out of the park, hurdy-gurdy mandolin and all (video below).


Also, just as a reminder the Pitchfork Fest Line-up contest is still going on and you have about two weeks to get your entries in. There’s one ticket or it’s price in cash at stake here so if you want to participate read up on the contest and make your guesses.

According to entries up to this point, some bands that are likely to play are: Menomena, Peter Bjorn and John, Grizzly Bear, and Deerhunter. But you could have figured that out right?

5 Responses to “Cars running, Guitars smashing”

  1. Meph said:

    Yeah, that was probably the best musical performance on SNL in the past 10 years. I’d never actually seen them perform live, or a video of them perform live until then, and their stage presence and energy was pretty phenomenal. I actually liked the guitar smashing, it’s been forever since I’ve seen one that actually seemed to fit a performance. Enthralling.

  2. Carrie said:

    Hey, I was randomly browsing http://www.buzzfeed.com like I do everyday, and I noticed a link to your blog. I like it! I also think I kinda sorta know you from ICC. I think you messaged me about wheelie book bags last year. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and great site!

  3. zielinski said:

    Hey Taylor. Well, I guess that makes two lucky bastards then. I scored 4 main floor tickets to Arcade Fire’s Saturday May 19th show! I’m in 2L row JJ. A little off-center but it sold-out so quickly, i’m just happy i’m in! But what show are you going to? Cuz they aren’t in town on the 27th of May.

  4. ThePeter said:

    I got tickets to the same show. Third row center. I am unbelievably excited.

  5. kentz said:

    Thanks for article.