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Broken Social Scene / Kevin Drew – Live @ Canopy Club

Date November 14, 2007

Last week’s Broken Social Scene concert (the last of their tour) was by far one the weirdest and most memorable I’ve ever experienced. I arrived at the scene about 5 minutes before the band started playing and still easily found a place up front. I think the confusing show title: Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew + Monday Night + overpriced tickets kept alot of people away, which is unfortunate because they missed a show they wouldn’t have easily forgot, I’m not sure you could call it a GREAT show, it was definitely enjoyable though. One thing you can’t disagree on is that the band started out completely on their game. The first 5 or 6 songs were fantastic. My favorite song on the new album, “Lucky Ones” started the night and everyone sang along to “Yeaaaahhs”. The band then kicked ito “Cause=Time” which is a constant battle with “Anthems” and “Dreams of Pavement” as my favorite from the band and they killed the song.

Some of the best songs from Sprit If… were played up front also such as “TBTF”, “F-ked Up Kid”, and “Safety Bricks”. Perhaps the biggest highlight though came when the band shot into “Stars and Sons”. The guitar riff that underlies the song was hugely amped up making the song much noisier and more energetic. “Superconnected” was another of the band’s older songs that took on a complete new meaning for me live. After the midpoint in the show, the band started playing some longer, more transcendent numbers and a couple random songs from guitarist Brendan Canning and American Analogue Set. There were some great moments though packed in such as the raging “Backed Out On The…”, the fast version of “Major Label Debut” , and an extended, haunting “Lover’s Spit”.

As for the crowd interaction and stage banter, Kevin Drew seemed to get more and more incoherent and awkward as the night when on. Some of his babbling onstage was hilarious (like when he wrote a country song on the spot about how boring Urbana is or sheepishly admitted to buying his sweater at Banana Republic with his grandma). Other times though he just came off as an a**hole. In what was one of the most confusing stage moves ever, once the band had already left the stage Kevin stayed at the mic talking to the crowd about some pretty head-scratching stuff while throwing out phrases like “there’s alot of white people in the crowd tonight… with beards”. The funniest part of the evening came during this when someone shouted out ‘Shoreline!’ to which Drew said “Do I look like I’m about to bust into ‘Shoreline’ right now”.

One song that he did sing a bit of on request was Wham!’s “Careless Whisper” which was really funny. Evenutally some people started to leave and Drew actually called them out as to why they’re leavin’. Umm, maybe cuz the band stopped playing 15 minutes ago? Totally weird. After what seemed like a half hour of this slightly amusing situation and one impromptu drum solo on Drew’s part, the whole band came back on stage for an encore performance of their self/titled closing epic, “It’s All Gonna Break”. It was a frickin’ sweet way to close the concert, but I imagine if the band shortened their set and cut out much of that confusing stage banter, the show would have been altogether more solid.

MP3 Lucky Ones
MP3 Stars and Sons

Go to Pictures For Kids Who Can’t Read Good to see all of my shots from the night.


2 Responses to “Broken Social Scene / Kevin Drew – Live @ Canopy Club”

  1. christian said:

    I’d love for someone to post why they love BSS or the Kevin Drew record. I’ve got both and listen to each a dozen times and just don’t get it. I mean, it’s okay, but nothing to get overly-excited about. That said, I’d love to try to gain perspective and learn what the attraction is.

  2. Steve said:

    ohhhhh i’m psyched to see them on sunday in dc!