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British Sea Power/1900s – Live @ Canopy Club (Void Stage)

Date March 25, 2008

I’m of the opinion that British Sea Power’s recent album Do You Like Rock Music? is the best rock album of the year and I’ve only heard good things about the band’s live show, so you can imagine how excited I was going into Saturday’s Canopy Club show. I was also eagerly anticipating hearing the 1900’s, a Chicago folk collective who released the wonderful Cold & Kind last year.

The 1990s had a lot of trouble setting up their seven members on the tiny stage, and to add to being ridiculously cramped, the lead singer kept getting electrocuted by the microphones. The band held together somehow (was probably the whiskey shots that they took between about every song) and actually ended up sounding pretty good. “Medium Way”, “When I Say Go” and “Two Ways” were all fantastic and the girls in the band = foxy.

MP3 1900s – When I Say Go

British Sea Power took the stage next immediately playing some of my favorites from DYLRM?: “Atom”, “No Lucifer”, and “Lights Out For Darker Skies”. It was extremely loud and epic but the band didn’t really throw themselves into it until midset when they busted out “Remember Me” and “Waving Flags”. Their lead guitarist, who goes by “Noble”, is basically godly. His rock star poses and extreme riffing was incredible to watch. The band also had a female violinists and a trumpet/keyboard player and two lead singers that switched off between songs. After playing a couple slower tracks, “Canvey Island” and “The Great Skua”, they ended the first set with the massive “Carrion” and they absolutely tore the song up.

The last song was a merging of “The Spirit of St. Louis” and a mostly improvisational track “Rock in A”. They completely made up for their relatively static first-half behavior with the outrageous energy of this encore. Noble threw down his guitar and jumped into the crowd out of nowhere and did a complete face-plant. Not to be discouraged, he got back up and did it again (this time we were prepared). After we shifted him around the room a bit he got caught in the curtains to the side of the stage and began spinning around on them (which in all honesty could have taken down the the whole stage). After he got back on the stage he jumped on the keyboard player (who had picked up the dropped the guitar and was playing it with his trumpet) and catapulted himself into the rest of the band. It was soo awesome. The audience was clearly in shock after they left the stage at what we just witnessed. So in summation, go see British Sea Power and stay for the encore. They will rock your face off.

MP3 British Sea Power – Waving Flags
MP3 British Sea Power – No Lucifer

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  1. Young said:

    We love BSP!! You can watch their videos and many others(Arcade Fire,Spoon,Silversun Pickups) only on VIRV.TV – Indie Music Television.