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Best Music Videos of 2008

Date December 2, 2008

The holiday season is upon us, which for any self-respecting music writer means making end-of-the-year lists.  I, like many a blogger, live for this kind of year-end reflection, so this will be the first of many lists.  Here before you are the absolute 25 best music videos of the year 2008.   All the videos are embedded below for easy viewing, but I highly recommend you watch the higher quality version, which you can view (if available) by clicking on the song title. Except for the five at the end (the best of the best) the order is completely random.

The qualifications for this list are the video must be visually interesting, uniquely executed, with a song that’s pretty good as well.  Superb editing and gorgeous cinematography doesn’t hurt either. Basically I didn’t put a video on this list if it’s not was worth your time (it’s not like you have anything better to do over the holidays than sit for an hour and a half watching music videos though, amirite?).  As always, If you have any favorites videos from the year that you think I missed, make sure to leave it in the comments. The first three are embedded below, but you’ll have to click through to see the whole list.

Hot ChipReady For The Floor (Dir. Nima Nourizadeh)

The Ting TingsShut Up and Let Me Go (Dir. Alexand Liane)

Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines (Dir. Seth and Bobby) MP3

Click the link below for the rest!

GoldfrappHapppiness (Dir. Dougal Wilson)

The New PornographersMyriad Harbour (Dir. Mark Lomond)

Noah and the WhaleThe Shape of my Heart (Dir. James Copeman) MP3

Alphabeat – What Is Happening (Dir. Toben Seymour)

RadioheadWeird Fishes/Arpeggi (Dir. Tobias Stretch)

Architecture in HelsinkiThat Beep (Dir. Krozm)

Passion PitSleepyhead (Dir. Wilderness) MP3

The Last Shadow PuppetsStanding Next To Me (Dir. Richard Ayoade)

The Lovely SparrowsYear of the Dog (Dir. Eric Power) MP3

Wild BeastsBrave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants (Dir. OneInThree)

Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal (Dir. Sean Pecknold) MP3

SantogoldL.E.S. Artistes (Dir. Nima Nourizadeh)

Gnarls BarkleyRun (Dir. Happy)

Damien JuradoCaskets (Dir. Matt Daniels) MP3

No AgeEraser (Dir. Andy Bruntel)

JusticeDVNO (Dir. So_Me and Machine Molle)

Weezer – Pork and Beans (Dir. Matthew Cullen)

…and the top 5 music videos of 2008 are:

Fujiya & MiyagiKnickerbocker (Dir. Wade Shotter) MP3

Rogue Wave – Chicago X 12 (Dir. Bob Odenkirk)

SupergrassBad Blood (Dir: Keith Schofield)

BjorkWanderlust (Dir. Encyclopedia Pictura)

Vampire WeekendOxford Comma (Dir. Richard Ayoade)


The Mountain Goats – Sax Rhomer #1
CSS – Move
Jamie Lidell – Another Day
Girl Talk – Still Here (Unofficial Video)
Birdmonster – The Iditarod
Evangelicals – Midnight Vignette
M83 – Graveyard Girl
A-ha – Take On Me (Literal Version),

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11 Responses to “Best Music Videos of 2008”

  1. Tony said:

    The CSS video for “Move” is one of my favorite videos of the year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF5LlKPVYkk

    Im also a big fan of the MGMT videos for “The Youth” , “Electric Feel” and “Time To Pretend”. Im pretty sure that they are all from 2008 but Im not completely sure. They’re still good videos regardless.

    “The Youth” – http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=EURZuzHyWb0
    “Electric Feel” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJXar_27tWQ
    “Time To Pretend” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVnRzEjpUmE

  2. Owen said:

    Goyte’s ‘Hearts a Mess” is the best IMHO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnXFJOXvL_A

  3. Taylor said:

    Yea, that CSS video is a good one.

  4. david said:

    i dont usually watch music videos unless theyre on a blog, but the ones i have seen this year are all on this list. good call on the year of the dog video, i totally dig that song. also, to the comment above, MGMT’s ‘The Youth’ video is great, although i dont think it is an official video (according to a stereogum post a while back). my favorite is probably no age’s video.

  5. Chris said:

    Cool list Taylor! I just put my rough top-ten together earlier this week and we only share 1 favorite video (as of right now… I’m gonna have to check some of these out!!!)

  6. margot said:

    LOVe this post. gave it some props on my blog: margottobed.com i’m being introduced to a bunch of videos I never saw

    cool one for you to check out:

    “I’m good I’m gone” by lykke li

  7. dustin b said:

    caribou hummingbird!!! best video with crabs, at least.

  8. 1234 said:

    Number 1 *easily* for me was Thunderheist’s Jerk It: http://vimeo.com/1124192

    Also good was Starskee – My Way: http://vimeo.com/1609974

  9. Oliver said:

    The Streets “Everything is Borrowed” is my #1. Sign of the times and all that.

  10. serena said:

    You are ten-thousand times cool for listing Damien Jurado’s “Caskets” here. More people should be watching that video. Seriously, you are hip. Did you know Damien also has a band with his brother, Drake, who was the dying young man in that video? Their band name is Hoquiam. Also, Drake is a genius film maker.



  11. thegreatone said:

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