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Newsflashes: Battles, Spoon, snowcones, basically anything that’s awesome…

Date May 21, 2007

Taking my inspiration from Kelly Kapur, I’m going to start a new thing on the site where I talk about current music-related things that I think are awesome. I know you’re thinking, “hey, don’t you already do that”. Well, yes, but this in a more random jumbled sort-of way. So there!

Battles. I mentioned this band before when their Atlas video hit my number one spot on my favorite videos of 2007 so far list (check out the hi-res version). Mirrored is so different to anything else out there, it really defies definition. Needless to say, I’ve been playing and replaying the album getting joy out of avant-garde experimental randomness and the frantic instrumentation vocal effects. Ddiamondd (MP3) is such a great song.

By the way, I found out what they’re singing on the song Atlas (MP3) – ” singer is a crook, whoa-ey-oh. kitchen is for cook, whoa-ey-oh scissors at the barber, whoa-ey-oh.” Redonkulous.

Spoon’s new album leaked a few days back and there is no stopping this band. How many albums can they release with no visible reduce in quality? The big difference on this album is that they’ve added a brass section, which makes songs like “The Underdog” and “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” huge highlights. Approved promo track, The Ghost of You Lingers (MP3) is good enough but the rest of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is much better.

I saw Arcade Fire last night and they killed it in every way. Best. Concert. Eva. I’ll have a full review later on, but they opened with Wake Up and closed with Tunnels (MP3) which is all a human being can really ask for right? Electrane was good too, will be checking them out more…

I guess I don’t have to remind the Lost fans that the finale is on this Wednesday. I thought it was interesting that the Mascara-wearing, Ageless dude himself, Richard Alpert was cast in the next Batman movie.

There’s a new blog in town, and it’s name is 22 positions. It’s co-written by a friend of mine and they already have some good stuff on there (check out the quarterly reviews especially).

I like snowcones.

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2 Responses to “Newsflashes: Battles, Spoon, snowcones, basically anything that’s awesome…”

  1. Jeff said:

    Horns on a Spoon song is definitely a great thing, as evident on their song “Can You Feel it”. Good stuff.

  2. Leah said:

    mmm. snowcones.