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Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall)

Date September 3, 2010

Photo taken by the amazing Anne Kieblesz – Flickr

It’s been a good three months since I’ve intentionally spent more than a few days obsessing over my music folder, reliving every memory for a better sense of direction… but Summer has finally come to an end and a call for change is the only real reason one can find to get through it. I was originally going to present this as some sort of “b-side” to my Summer Mix, but I wanted nothing to do with a format that’d have me thumbing through albums with deaf ears. Embracing the notion of Fall and all of its ambiguous foliage, I chose these songs based on three very simple things: what sounded good, felt right, and above everything else, belonged together… enjoy!

MP3 The Helio Sequence – Lately
MP3 Seabear – Lion Face Boy
MP3 Blind Pilot – Oviedo
MP3 The Rosebuds – Nice Fox
MP3 Arcade Fire – Half Light I
MP3 Shout Out Louds – Moon
MP3 Wild Nothing – Chinatown
MP3 Tortoiseshell – This Girl
MP3 Land Of Talk – Blangee Blee
MP3 Sydney Wayser – Bells
MP3 Ra Ra Riot – Keep It Quiet
MP3 The Dodos – The Strums
MP3 Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You
MP3 Villagers – Home
MP3 Beach House – Walk In The Park
MP3 Sufjan Stevens – I Walked
MP3 Menomena – Queen Black Acid
MP3 Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws
MP3 Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man
MP3 Tokyo Police Club – Hands Reversed
MP3 Lower Dens – Blue & Silver
MP3 The Love Language – Pedals

Spotify Playlist: Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall)

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22 Responses to “Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall)”

  1. Danielle said:

    I’m listening to your mix. I’m on song 3. Blind Pilot is absolutely giving me the chills. Thanks for sharing this with the world!

  2. Adam said:

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I actually just put together my fall mix for my friends too. I’m a big fan of seasonal specific music.

  3. Mary Ann said:

    This was linked off the hellaproper tumblr.
    I LOVE the feel of this. It’s easing me into the library at school. Goodbye, summer..

  4. J said:


    Care to share? 😀

    Thanks so much Cheryse, I feel well spoilt with 2 mixes in a matter of a week. Love it x

  5. Riekette said:

    Great job!
    Thank you!

  6. Adam said:

    Hey J. I don’t have a blog or anything like that, but most all of this stuff can be found easily using some search tools.

    Cats and Dogs- The Head and the Heart
    Summer’s Life- The Shaky Hands
    Who Knows Who Cares- Local Natives
    Shroud- Nathanial Rateliff and the Wheel
    Orange Yellow- The Spires
    The Diamond Church Street Choir- The Gaslight Anthem
    Heart and Arrow- Matt Duncan
    Bullet- Scarlett Johansson and Steel Train
    New New- Rai Knight
    All the Boys- The Romany Rye
    Change of Time- Josh Ritter
    Barn Song- Chris Pureka
    The Wild Hunt- The Tallest Man on Earth
    The Longest Day- Megafaun
    Burning Stars- Mimicking Birds
    Running Wild- Matt Pond PA
    Sweetest in the Morning- Jill Andrews
    Harvest Moon- Ben Gibbard
    So Glad I’m Coming Home- Langhorne Slim
    The Mightiest of Guns- AA Bondy
    My Heart is Calling/Following- Cataldo

  7. mack said:

    this mix is awesomeee! im starting up a blog my self and just wondering how to add those mp3 files to my blog, anyone have some words of advice?

  8. miss scarlet said:

    thank youuuuu….i needed a good summer mix!!
    eben though it s almost gone….sadness :(

  9. Isaiah said:

    Love it. Well done.

    The Helio Sequence – “Lately” is my life.

  10. daniel g said:

    LOVE your blog, I discovered it today and already went thru all of it, nice taste in songs!!!
    Do u know the song on the latest ipad tv commercial??
    I’m already recomending your blog to all of my friends!!

  11. Matt said:

    Great mix Cheryse! I love it! You make the best mixes. Keep ’em coming.

  12. Andrew said:

    Is this link still alive??

  13. Cheryse said:

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of your responses and truly value your support as listeners–especially those of you who took the time to share or re-post this. I’ll keep my head in the folders and get another mix up for you soon, until then keep spreading the word!

    @Andrew – Yes, the link still works. MediaFire is just down right now. You can still download the songs singularly by right-clicking… or stream it on hypem.

  14. Lily said:

    Amazing… loving it all afternoon. Perfect mix. XOXO

  15. erin said:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Cheryse! I love these seasonal mixes the best. This one is absolutely perfect for autumn!

  16. Greg said:

    Nice mix! In particular, Blind Pilot is such a great band for autumn weather.

  17. Dale said:

    I have a problem with this mix. In order to be able to fit it onto an 80 minute cd, I have to cut out a couple of songs, but I can’t find a single song on it that I don’t like. It’s too damn good!

  18. ollie said:

    pfft missing a deerhunter track surely? Helicopter just sounds like leaves falling.

  19. Taylor said:

    “Helicopter” didn’t hit the web till mid-September, a couple weeks after this mix was released.

  20. Jon said:

    Yeah mixes! This is such a good mix! Thank you! I have been in love with the new Highly Rec’d mix (http://highlyrecd.blogspot.com) and this is another great addition to the month! More please!

  21. Mary said:

    I absolutely love this mix. Thanks so much!!!!

  22. Tim said:


    LONG time reader/fan of your blog. Love your taste in music. But my favorite thing you do is these seasonal mixes – with this Autumn mix being the best of all-time!

    I’ve enjoyed listening to your 50 best songs of the 2000’s decade on Spotify. Any chance you’ll add your seasonal mixes to Spotify?