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Arcade Fire – Live @ Chicago Theatre

Date May 23, 2007

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It’s hard for me to describe the Arcade Fire’s performance on Sunday night without sounding like a 14-year-old girl who just saw “High School Musical” for the first time. OMGLOLZ! They really went above and beyond my wildest expectations undoubtedly providing the best concert I have ever experienced (and I’ve been to a fair share). The setting for the Arcade Fire’s performance could not have been better, the Legendary Chicago Theatre is gorgeous inside, with incredible detail in the architecture. The crowd also was perfect, they were uproariously loud at the appropriate times and were extremely attentive to the band’s every move.

One of the things I had hoped for was to see “Wake Up” live since it was the song that introduced me to the band and all that. As it turns out, the band opened with the song and the energy of the theater immediately shot threw the roof. The band played three of my favorite songs from their new album right afterwards – “Keep The Car Running”, “Antichrist Television Blues”, and “No Cars Go”. I was especially looking forward to the instrumental breaks within “No Cars Go” and they were just as lush and beautiful as the they are on album (as were the ladies that played the violin parts, I won’t get into Sarah Neufeld and her hot pants).

One of the things that really stood out of the show was Regine’s performance, bouncing around the stage, acting out the daughter of “Antichrist Television Blues”, and interacting with the audience the entire time. Her evil “Haiti” dance also really made the song. During “Laika” the standout members were Will and Richard, banging their drumsticks on everything in sight (helmets, lights, poles, each other). At the end of the song a second drum set appeared out of nowhere which Richard played on. Soooo good.

The band cooled off a bit with some of Neon Bible’s slower songs (including the title track and My Body is a Cage) before bring the energy back up with “The Well and the Lighthouse”. This led into probably the biggest highlight of their show, the Power Out –> Rebellion (Lies) two song powerhouse combo, which I had heard of but couldn’t really believe until seeing. As Power Out escalates to a mountain of sound all the instruments stop except for the drums marching out the beat to Rebellion. It’s an incredible moment that encapsulates everything that the Arcade Fire is about.

The band ended the night with “Ocean of Noise” and “Tunnels”, two beautiful and powerful songs exploring human emotions like no other band can do. I left the theatre like much of the rest of the audience – awestruck and speechless. I imagine this show will be replaying in my head for months to come.

MP3 Keep The Car Running
MP3 Rebellion (Lies)

5 Responses to “Arcade Fire – Live @ Chicago Theatre”

  1. Adam said:

    Some friends of mine went to the show Saturday, they’re also just spewing good reviews. I’m SO jealous of all of you.

  2. David Buckna said:

    Arcade Fire: A Neon Bible Study
    By David Buckna

  3. wayne said:

    If for some reason you are not an Arcade Fire fan, it would seem a live performance will convert you for life. Great review.

  4. Steve said:

    I’m 36 years old, I’ve seen all of the great live bands, hundreds of shows since ’86 or so. It’s gotten to the point where it’s exceedingly difficult to impress me. But Arcade Fire’s (Saturday) show completely, utterly, blew me away. I was jumping around like a 16-year-old at a Naked Raygun show. Arcade Fire is so good live I have a hard time convincing fellow cynics to go see them.

  5. Jordan said:

    I am obsessed with this band! To see them would be like seeing Heaven. It sucks that I’m only twelve though! My parents would never let me go! :(